Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud

by The Flying Detachment

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“Eyes in the Stars, Life in the Mud” is everyone’s journey deep into the abyss of uncertainty. We dive into the unknown because we want to change for the better (“Eyes in the Stars”) even though we “live in the mud”. Sometimes we decide to take action (“Seventh Way”), other times we’re just dreaming of doing the right things even though we’re not (“Resting the Bone”). In the search for meaning we discover we are equally capable to surrender to love (“Under the Tide”) or be consumed by hate (“2:58”). We are in control of our own mind and fate on the fantastic journey of life (“Hypno King”) or we spiral further down in chaos (“Ghost in the Pill”)....


released October 22, 2018

Produced by Boyko Petkov and Emil Petkov.
Recorded by Emil Petkov and Boyko Petkov at City Studio Sofia, Razruhata and Dark Father Dungeons.
Mixed by Boyko Petkov at City Studio Sofia.
Additional mixing by Emil Petkov at Three Paws House.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.

Riffs and melodies by Alexander Velchev, Emil Petkov and Todorin Tonev.
Lyrics by Emil Petkov.
Songs arranged by The Flying Detachment.

Drums on "Seventh Way", "Resting the Bone", "Under the Tide" and "Ghost in the Pill" recorded by Yulian Halyov.

Additional percussion, synthesizers and sounds recorded by The Flying Detachment.

Samples on "Life in the Mud" from "Alan Watts - Sense of Nonsense".

Artwork and design by Sofia Zasheva.
Band logo by DAinsane.

Zeus the owl was photographed by Jason Bennet at the Wildilfe Learning Center in Sylmar, CA.

Enormous THANK YOU to our families, girlfriends, wives, children, dogs, friends for the everlasting patience and constant support and to everybody else, who has ever helped in any way!

The Flying Detachment is:

Alexander Velchev - guitars
Emil Petkov - guitars and vocals
Stoyan Petrov - drums
Todorin Tonev - bass and vocals



all rights reserved



The Flying Detachment Sofia, Bulgaria

Heavy riffs, passionate rhythm and haunting harmonies all converge in music that is thick, dark, desperate, thrilling and headbanging.

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Track Name: Seventh Way
Walked along a road of seven ways
I remained alone for seven days
Heard the sombre song of flying crows
A slowly rocking man I'm down below.

Maybe one day you'll
Hear me say
"I left you on the
seventh way"

Each of every path delivers you
Confusing me a lot is what you do
Glowing white is how you seem
There's no way to stay clean.

Walked along this road for seven days

Trailing thoughts of what to say
I won't beg nor will I pray
I know I'll make you turn to clay
And leave you on the seventh way
Track Name: Hypno King
Steering wheel in my hands
I love to guide the plans
A sense of direction's all it takes

Seeking wisdom, flying fast
Disturbing all that lasts
Longer than a second's pass

I'm floating through time
Trying to climb
Peaks which unwind

I'm traveling through space
Erasing the trace
And chasing embrace

Hypnotic streams
Conducting dreams
Magnetic string
The Hypno King
Track Name: Under The Tide
Pull me under
Waves of fabric and skin
Spare me nothing
Bury me all within

Persuading the waters
To hold me steady in arms
Asking them to take me home

Try to hold my
Breath as long as I can
Hope that leaves you pleased
Now drown me again

Persuading the waters
To hold me steady in arms
To drag me down to the sands

Pull me right to the bottom
Crush me under your tide
Leave me gasping for air once more
Drifting down by your guide

Pull me under
Waves of skin and
Drag me all the way within
Track Name: Eyes in the Stars
As I'm walking along my line
All my friends and lovers
They sigh
Of days in strain, life in vain
Dull and plain
By the time I am gone they should listen to me,
and do as I see

Pull me up
While you look
Raise me down
With your eyes in the stars

My hour's arrived, my friends
In your heart's desires
You've made amends
I'm proud of you and I love you
Through and through
So I'll guide you until the wish has been fulfilled
Solely by will

I am carrying the
Fire of diligence
Burning wastelands of
darnel ignorance
Track Name: 2:58
I went by myself out of town on a Saturday night
2:58 - I'm never late
Last draw before I throw my cigarette, yeah
Sleep tight, nighty-night,
Time to kill the light

Take what you will
Sometimes, sometimes
See it through

I know how to throw a man low in a pit of rust
In my defense I'll say I must.
Last breath before I send you through the ledge, yeah
Goodbye, little lie
Time to fall and die
Track Name: Resting The Bone
I had slept
For long years
Under a stone
Wasting time.

Comforting cold
Away from the world
Resting the bone
Wasting time.

And my day will dawn
And the sun will shine some light in my face
And then you'll know
How viciously small
The whole planet seems when you're being chased
Reposing on

Quiet steps
Reaching the nest
Of loving and care
Wasting time

Forgetting to see
The widening sea
Hearing no noise
Wasting time
Track Name: Ghost In The Pill
High in the sky dark clouds gather
Substance haze in the air
Revolving around the deep black matter
Wondering how life is fair.

Destroy myself
Twisting and turning my remains
Molten I sway
Drown in the river of yesterday

Gazing upon the storm from the inside
Faces distant, blurring time
Strapped to the surface of the approaching tide
Faces distant, blurring time

But I won't let go
I'll reach for the skies
Witness before my eyes
My eyes
Track Name: Life In The Mud
I am what I crave
Minus all I gave
Trying all at best
Not to fail my quest

Nothing's ever turned
Out as planned or earned
That is why I'm sure
More I won't endure

So I'll show you where
Drowned in dust I dwell
Contemplating why
All I do must die.

To Ego, self and I
For wasting memories and time

How short of sight
To miss the principle
Of everything becoming right

See how the sun sets down
Stars shine above me now
Keep on dreaming, carry on

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